225 VeroScreen

Esthetisch screendoek met behoud van doorzicht
• Afhankelijk van het gekozen systeem, beschikbaar in een breedte tot 3 meter
• Mogelijk te combineren met 202 SilverScreen 2% en 205 SilverScreen 4%
• Door ongemetalliseerde achterzijde doekprestaties afhankelijk van gekozen kleur
• Vlamvertragend

Specification details
Specification details
Dikte (mm)0.50
Gewicht (g/m²)390
Breedte (cm)300 (max.)
SamenstellingPVC / Glass – 64% / 36%
VlamvertragendEN13501 C-s3,d0, BS 5867 deel 2 type B, NFP 92503 M1, NFPA 701, AS/NZS 1530.3 (0-0-0-4)
MilieuGreenGuard (LEED), GreenGuard Gold, HPD2.1, RoHS2, REACH Formaldehyde vrij
Technical details
Technical details colour: White ED01
Solar reflection outside67%
Light Transmission21%
Openness Factor5%
IR emissivity (metal side)n.v.t.
High Performance Glazing (reference glazing D EN14501) Colour: White ED01
Light transmission (LT)16%
G-value / SHGC16%
U-value W/m²K0.9
Glare rating according to EN 145011
  • Roller Blind
  • Panel Tracks
  • Verticals

VeroScreen niet gemetalliseerd

VeroScreen niet gemetalliseerd

Available in 7 colours

White ED01
Beige ED02
Bronze EB03
Light Grey ED03
Steel Grey EC02
Dark Grey EB02
Black EB01



The ratio or percentage of solar energy reflected by the shading. With Verosol fabric reflection on the aluminium side. Abbreviations: Rs, Rsol. The higher the number the better.


The percentage of open area (pores) to the total area of the shading fabric. These pores are necessary to enable view through. Abbreviation: OF. The higher the number the better viewthrough.


Thermal heat loss (or gain) through a fenestration. The U-value reflects the energy flow through glass and shading when there is a temperature difference between outside and inside, and is the insulating property. Units are Btu/hr-ft²-°F or W/m².K The lower this U-value, the better the thermal heat insulation. The lower the number the better.


The ability of a material surface to radiate (infrared) heat out. Metals in general and specifically aluminium have low IR emitting properties. IR emissivity of; glass is about 0.800, plastics is about 0.900 but a clean aluminium surface has an IR em of 0.15. Therefore metallised fabric has so called Low-E properties. The lower the number the better.


Ratio between the total solar energy transmitted into a room through a window and the solar energy on the window. g-value is the solar factor of the combination of glazing and solar protection device. (EN14501). The lower the number the better.


The ratio or percentage of visible light passing through the shading. Abbreviations: Tv, Tvis. The lower the number the better.